Is He God’s New Messenger?

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From the Journal of Patricia Summers:

The Ozy article Is He God’s New Messenger?, published November 26, 2017, gets into the legitimate controversy of who Marshall Vian Summers claims to be, but it does not give the reader a real sense of the depth, scope and purpose of the Revelation he has received or his own teachings, and their importance to people everywhere in finding their true strength and direction in life.

Marshall Vian’s focus is to empower people to gain the discernment to make wise decisions and to engage with their innate spirituality, called Knowledge in the New Message, which will lead them to find their greater contribution and the lasting relationships that accompany this.

As Marshall Vian’s wife and companion of 34 years, I have witnessed up close the profoundly mysterious process he has undergone, demonstrating his humility and service by devoting his entire life to a mission not of his own making.

The author of the Ozy article, Addison Nugent, mentions Marshall Vian’s contact with Divine beings he calls the Angelic Assembly. The Angelic Assembly is the source of the Revelation that he has been receiving since 1983, a Revelation that calls itself The New Message from God.

In this process of Divine transmission, The Assembly is speaking to the one individual asked to receive their communication, their Messenger.

Regarding this process, the Assembly says:

We are the Revelation. God does not speak because God is too great. Therefore, God’s Will is expressed and communicated to the Angelic Presence, who oversee all worlds where intelligent life has evolved. The Will of the Creator is then expressed in the words and language of that world, for that people.”

The Voice of the Revelation

We are the many, speaking as One and the One speaking as many, a reality you cannot consider living in Separation in this world. We are the Ones to translate the Will of God into words, into practices, into actions, into clarification. With the Power of Creation, We bring this to you.”

The New God Experience

Marshall, Patricia and Reed have traveled extensively around the world. Here is a look at one extended journey in 2014 – 2015:

  • From Istanbul, Turkey to Cairo, Egypt
  • Then on to Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan
  • And back to Istanbul, Turkey
  • Then on to Jerusalem, Israel
  • And finally back to Istanbul

While traveling between the important places listed here, Marshall Vian received eight remarkable revelations:

#1: The Holy Days  12-25-14: Christmas in Istanbul, Turkey

#2: God’s New Message for the Islamic World  12-30-14: Cairo, Egypt

#3: The World Must Receive God’s New Message  1-1-15: Alexandria, Egypt

#4: The Fields of Despair, Part 1  1-11-15: Lahore, Pakistan

#5: The Guardians  1-15-15: Istanbul, Turkey

#6: The Fields of Despair, Part 2  1-17-15: Istanbul, Turkey

#7: God’s New Message for the World’s Religions  1-22-15: Jerusalem, Israel

#8: The Heart of God  1-25-15: Jerusalem, Israel

Marshall Vian says it has been so important for him to go to places of consequence in the world. The condition of the people and the natural world in these cities and countries has had an enormous impact upon him. It was as a result of these journeys, especially, that Marshall Vian says he could see that the New Message Revelation is for the whole world.

To have your own direct experience of Marshall Vian Summers receiving revelation, read the accounts of some of these remarkable moments in the New Message Journal. For example, see the Journal entry, Receiving The New God Experience to witness Marshall Vian receiving the revelation called The New God Experience.

Therefore, for any and all who have seen and read the article, Is He God’s New Messenger?, whether you be interested or irked and dismissive, thank you for taking the time to read about Marshall Vian and considering, however briefly, the immense body of Revelation that he has received for the world.

When something this new, this big, this revolutionary is given, it merits consideration and exploration, especially if it brings a challenging new perspective regarding the great difficulties facing the world at large and each of us intimately in our personal lives.

I encourage you to explore and learn more about Marshall Vian and the body of Revelation he is receiving (both spoken and written) and to share your views on this. Your perspective and experience are critical to this vital conversation about life, about meaning, about destiny and about God.


Patricia Summers

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7 Responses to "Is He God’s New Messenger?"

  1. mellany Posted on December 7, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    Thank you, Patricia. Love and gratitude to you, and Marshall Vian, God’s Messenger for these times. NNC

  2. Hyeonam Posted on December 8, 2017 at 3:50 am

    Thank you and deeply gratitude Patricia and Marshall Vian who has committed his whole life for human. NNC

  3. ALW Posted on December 16, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Thank you so much, Patricia, for your insights, your observations, your dedication and commitment to Marshall, The Revelation and for holding steadfast all these years. Humanity has now been given the tools that will keep it a free and sovereign race in the universe. I pray that The Message that Marshall brings will touch the hearts of people everywhere so the world may unite and be as one. NNC

  4. adil Posted on January 23, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Wanna read these turkish…i cant understand all audio records…i wanna read and listen turkish or turkish subtitle..thank you

  5. HIiary Canto Posted on February 10, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Dear Patricia and Marshall
    I resonate so very deeply with this having held a purpose of bringing humanity together in Divine Love for over 30 years.
    Every word is in my heart with the sound of Gods Love for humanity. God gave me over two weeks a complete series of teachings with Divine Love as The Knowing, but after putting them out on YouTube, I have since removed them because I felt a greater sense of Gods voice emerging.. Marshall has brought that voice and is blessed to be the Messenger for our time.
    It is so important that people engage with this as their own and not expect that Marshall does this separate from thermselve’s.
    The message is the love of God, the knowing, the knowledge within each one of us that must be shared in community, in humanity for us all to evolve into that greater community. I hear the message and I hope everyone hears the message to help ease the burden of the messenger. We should all be growing and sharing the message for humankind’s future in our unique ways. You are a wonderful wife to support Marshall with the love of God within yourself Patricia and I am in humble gratitude to Marshall and the Angelic Assembly for bringing us the New Message.

  6. David Michael Morgan II Posted on February 28, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Greetings from South Carolina,
    I’ll be brief and get straight to the point. The synchronicities that have led me to The New Message From God are off the charts. I simply desire to let Patricia and Marshall be made aware that I’ve begun Day 1 and purchased the Lessons and “The Messenger” and will obtain all of the materials as find become available. I’m an Adept Officer in a Gnostic Mystery School with 27 years of deep esoteric and occult studies. I was made aware at the age of 9 that Earth was entering into a Time of Revelation and my purpose had something’s having to do with becoming a Teacher/Helper/Worker involving New Understandings concerning these times. I’ve been through Hell on Earth and was brought back from Deaths Door (literally I’m aNear Death Cross-Over survivor. I came back because I told the Angel of the Presence or Dweller on the Thresholds that I had more Work to do… so He/They sent me back. That was on March 6, 2006. Since 1991 of went head deep into the Right Use of Will boos which ripped me apart, etc. 4 months ago I started A Course In Miracles in earnest (after being aware of it for 25 years I was ready to begin The Course)… and then this weekend, on my 47th birthday, & 12 years to the day that they put me on life support and have me 4 hours to live, The New Message was delivered to my face by a fellow gnostic initiate.
    I’ll be in touch should my Guidance continue to direct me on this direction. It would be nice to finally GN po w my Teaching/Helping assignment now that I’ve been without certain direction since the Mayan Calendar ended and the Galactic Center was crossed by our solar system and Sun in particular.
    Agape, Selah and Shalom,
    Michael Morgan

  7. Danny Posted on June 26, 2018 at 9:06 am

    Great to see Marshall at the Vigil, so glad to have seen him, in the past, but now in the present hopefully somewhere as well. Right here right now. Yes. The isness of that is becoming more palpable, at times, but now it is really Greater Community awareness for me, really really. Some mundane way shows me this, interestingly and characteristically. Funny enough. I hope. Isness to thisness or thatness at the same time. That makes sense right>Knot.
    Nasi Novare Coram

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